Galerie Ron Mandos is proud to present:

    The Brazilian Suitcase

    from the 25th of February until the 5th of April 2017


    About the Brazilian Suitcase:

    Popular stories about journeys in search of a lost civilisation tend to have a common theme. The adventurers’ expedition into the unknown ultimately leads to their demise. In his latest project The Brazilian Suitcase, Jasper de Beijer has superimposed a number of such accounts to create an artistic ‘blueprint’ of this phenomenon. Many people have been driven by ambition, curiosity and greed to seek the remains of ancient civilisations in the Amazonian jungle. Over the centuries, the process has repeated itself over and over, and these quests have left numerous traces in the once-virgin rainforest. The Brazilian Suitcase presents an imaginary tribe living in the heart of the rainforest. Its members have appropriated the paraphernalia of the European invaders, rearranging this fragmentary information in a distorted reflection of the modern world. The Brazilian Suitcase focuses on three different points in time. De Beijer has created images that show the gradual integration of the explorer’s physical and mental residue, while simultaneously exploring the imaginary setting that he has constructed for this narrative. The first part of the trilogy is inspired in part by archive material donated to De Beijer by the surviving relatives of a Dutch archaeologist. The artist has used this footage as a starting point for an entire virtual environment, which he has built with the aid of 3D software. In the second part of the series, De Beijer will recreate these virtual surroundings in his studio. He will be building a life-size environment that shows the same place recorded in the first series of photos, but 50 years later. This new scenery shows how the once-isolated environment has been transformed over time by the initial incursion. In the third part of the series, De Beijer will travel himself to the dense jungle of the Amazon forest, where he will confront the reality constructed in his studio and on his computer with his experiences on location. The combined trilogy is a visual record of three different expeditions, illustrating the cause and effect of journeys of discovery over a period of 90 years. An imaginary patch of land is gradually transformed into an abstract concept: the distorted reflection of the West’s longing for lost kingdoms and forgotten gods. The Brazilian Suitcase becomes a perpetuum mobile of confrontation and assimilation, mirroring the artist’s own artistic process.







    KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival is six days jam-packed with animation awesomeness. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re an animation fanboy/girl, animation professional, student, or designer.

    Brace yourself for a dazzling showcase of the world’s best animated shorts and features, matched with fine presentations, workshops and zany parties. Immerse yourself in absolute animation frenzy and take part in this warm celebration of all that is animation.



    About Lowland (Laagland):


    Energy company Eneco approached the artist Jasper de Beijer (1973, Amsterdam) to produce an artwork especially for the company’s new main office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The artist designed and developed three animation movies where the focus lies on the Dutch landscape.
    For this project de Beijer has been focusing on the landscape drawings, etchings and engravings from Dutch masters like Hercules Seghers, Jacob van Ruisdael, Rembrandt van Rijn and Vincent van Gogh.
    Their vision and interpretation of the Dutch landscape has been the starting point for developing his own vision  on the landscape through the ages; untouched and dynamic at the same time.
    The artist has taken fragments of the works of these masters and translated these elements in a 3 dimensional surrounding; the result is that the world of these old masters comes to life in a virtual 3D environment, where pieces of drawings, etchings and engravings alternately play a role in a virtual trip through the landscape, from 3 different points of view we see the surroundings change, the time elapse, the style and artistic views interchange.
    A journey through a landscape where everything changes, but remains the same.

    3 animations of each 7 minutes: views from a river, a hill and a path.’



    KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2016: 25-30 OCTOBER at EYE Amsterdam


  3. UPROOTED (duo show)

    Galerie TZR presents


    UPROOTED: a duo show with Jasper de Beijer and Thijs Zweers


    You are invited for the opening at Friday the 24th of June, from 1800 hrs until 2100 hrs


    As artists, both Jasper de Beijer and Thijs Zweers tend to venture into the unknown. Zweers roams through the virtual realm, ending up deeper and deeper in its vaults and recesses. De Beijer travels into the jungle – both figuratively and literally – in search of the traces of failed expeditions.

    For centuries, the forest has been a major theme in the visual arts, representing artists’ exploration of the subconscious. Behind every tree, every bush unfurls a new horizon: a new landscape to explore. Standing in the forest, the artist tries to distinguish the structure that underlies his surroundings, to resolve its mystery. The artist’s relationship with the forest has a certain dualism. The moment he is able to fathom the mechanism behind its apparent chaos, the landscape loses its sense of mystery. It loses its sheen, and he is forced to wander deeper into the woods in search of the ‘mechanics behind the mechanics’. Man’s constant quest to gain and understand new experiences explains his frantic curiosity and constant dissatisfaction.
    Thijs Zweers sees the digital realm as an autonomous structure that – like a jungle – continues to proliferate and feed on what has come before. Any structure that it once possessed has long since dwindled into a vast horizontal grid, in which everyone is free to cultivate whatever he wants. In this world, exposure is the equivalent of daylight in the forest: across the planet, data turn to face the lit screen. Zweers hews a path through the dense undergrowth, in search of the roots of this immense chaos. He seeks to tame the dynamism of this digital jungle, by capturing its burgeoning images in the tangible and timeless medium of compressed charcoal on paper.
    From the very start of his career, Jasper de Beijer has shown a fascination with voyages of exploration. For his latest project, ‘The Brazilian Suitcase’, De Beijer decided to follow the well-trodden paths of dozens of explorers who have ventured into the jungle in search of lost civilisations. All they ended up finding were the traces of their predecessors. The European interlopers have left an indelible mark on the jungle and its inhabitants, whose world has been changed forever. De Beijer holds a mirror up to the explorer’s face – showing that ultimately, the adventurer always sets forth in search of himself.
    ‘The Brazilian Suitcase’ records three different periods in history. For the final part of this trilogy, De Beijer travelled to the Amazon rainforest himself.



     25th of June – 13th of August 2016



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