1. JASPER DE BEIJER AT WIELS (project room)

    Jasper de Beijer, Flatland Gallery and WIELS cordially invite you to the opening of




    opening on the 19th of June from 6 to 9 pm|| from 9-6-2019 until 7-7-2019


    The Exhibition - Screenshot

    The Exhibition – Screenshot



    Presse release ‘The Exhibition’ (2019) Jasper de Beijer

    The Exhibition is a museum in virtual reality where a museum show is continuously built up and broken down while the visitor is walking around in it.The route that the visitor chooses dictates the course and content of the exhibition.

    Since the birth of the museum in the 19th century dioramas are being used to show the visitor a slice of reality. These slices of pseudo reality confront the visitor with a point in time and place – frozen in a confined box, while the subjectiveness depends on era and perpective.

    In The Exhibition the visitor dictates the course of the show itself by choosing a route and looking in certain directions. This makes the exhibition different for every viewer, being constructed and deconstructed accordingly.

    During his stay at the Wiels residency the artist has been studying and collecting information at different ethnographic museums, to investigate how these tableaux vivants are a reflection on the zeitgeist in which they were constructed. He used the collected numerous 3D scans of objects he found there to create exhibited objects that have become actors in a narrative that tells us more about our changing perception than it does about the content of the dioramas.



    WIELS, Van Volxemlaan 354, 1190 Brussel


    Special thanks to WIELS and the Mondriaan Foundation

  2. Jasper de Beijer and Erwin Olaf at the Photo Basel

    During ART BASEL and Liste, PHOTO BASEL is the photo-based boutique art fair with a distinct voice! A magnet for creative people.

    PHOTO BASEL runs from June 11 – 16 and is based in VOLKSHAUS Basel, a cool Swiss 1920s renovated venue by Herzog & de Meuron, with gardenrestaurant, bar and brasserie!!

    Participating at PHOTO BASEL for the 4th time, FLATLAND is proud to bring NEW work of Jasper de Beijer and Erwin Olaf. 
    More information will follow soon!


    The Admiral's Headache - Galjoen | 2018 | 100 x 100 cm | edition of 7 | c-print

    The Admiral’s Headache – Galjoen | 2018 | 100 x 100 cm | edition of 7 | c-print

  3. Art Brussels 2019 & WIELS Jasper de Beijer



    Art Brussels 37th Edition


    37th Art Brussels, 2019
    Friday 26 to Sunday 28 April, 11 am – 7 pm
    Vernissage Thursday 25 April, 5 pm – 10 pm


    Jasper de Beijer, Kim Boske, Stelios Karamanolis and Guy Yanai

    Flatland is excited to participate again at Art Brussels Art Fair. At the annually held contemporary art fair in the capital of Europe, Flatland’s booth comprises of a quartet of artists: Kim Boske, Jasper de Beijer, Stelios Karamanolis and Guy Yanai. While the artists create significantly diverse work, the selection of works shown at Art Brussels collectively touch upon the same associative theme: 1870 – 1930. The works recall the fresh forms and procedures of artistic movements from this period, between abstract and illusionistic dream imagery, but in favour of imagery charged with meaning.
    Illustrating this, is the cathedral of Jasper de Beijer, in Wir Sind das Gedachtnis #01. The dream that was Germany in 1871 is over. This series explores how a community which gets up at their feet after World War II, tries to erect silhouettes of its culture from a vague recollection of its past. The reconstruction of cityscapes, which over time can be demolished and rebuild before it loses its identity, brings promptly another cathedral to mind. The Notre Dame, caught by apocalyptic fire this week, shakes up notions of transiency and how fragile the framework of a cultural heart of a nation can be. This inspired the Parisians to recover their identity, rebuild the cathedral with the same determination they shared in former times.
    WIELS – Jasper de Beijer
    The Exhibition – VR / Show

    FLATLAND is proud to announce Jasper de Beijer’s VR / show in WIELS, Centre for contemporary art, in Brussels at the end of June. De Beijer, in 2018 artist in residence at Wiels, created a VR / experience in which the viewer can define his own (digital) ethnographic-colonial museum, thus museum experience. With this De Beijer has created a parallel universe to the world of the ethnographic diorama and how these tableaux vivants in ethnographic museums are more a reflection of the zeitgeist than an objective representation. Please note: limited places for the opening at Wiels in June 2019.



    Flatland Gallery
    Lijnbaansgracht 312-314
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Wed – Sat: 1 pm – 6 pm