Archive: Sep 2012

  1. Jasper de Beijer at Nouvelles images

    Opening 6th of October 2012 at 1600 hrs at Galerie Nouvelles images



    Galerie Nouvelles Images is pleased to present the new series of works by Jasper de Beijer, Marabunta. In this solo show the series will be shown together with all the photos from the Recollector Gallery, plus the presentation of the interactive 3D environment of the Recollector itself (2010). This means that this show is a full representation of 2 years of hard work, and the gallery is more than proud to be the first to present all these works together in one presentation.


    For more info about the gallery and the show go to the website of Nouvelles Images

  2. The Innocent Abroad



    The opening will be combined with the European book launch of ‘The Innocent Abroad’ the second large monograph containing his entire oeuvre from 2007 until now. The book is written by Hans Den Hartog Jager, with a foreword by Erik Bos. The book will be for sale at the opening. For more info on the book click here